Testimonial from Hillary Groves & Family

Our mum liked words. She had a lovely reading voice and subscribed to the monthly Readers Digest booklet that contained a list of new and interesting words.

I’d like to share the meaning of a word that is special to me and my family but can’t be found in the booklet or indeed, any dictionary.

At our wits end we searched high and low
For a place to which our much she could go
It had to be special and feel just right
Or no sleep we would get in our beds at night

How many we rejected, I just could not say
But we came out of them all saying “no way!”
So over coffee and cake we devised a new list
And came across one that we clearly had missed

An appointment we sought, perhaps the next day?
But to our delight they said come right away!
We arrived in 10 minutes with a sad, heavy hart
But just five minutes later we thought what a good start

People who listened—assessed mum’s needs and ours too
Quite a revelation—yes, something quite new
We could not believe our good fortune and luck
As I caught my sisters eye and gave her “The Look”

A family discussion did promptly ensue
And we all agreed—in our hearts we just new
Our mum would be safe in their special care
The people, you see, are so lovely—that’s rare

Laughter was heard—jokes to tell
Christmas trimmings—didn’t we do well?!
A warm welcome to families old and new
Raffles, prizes—what a to do!

What followed was difficult and tears they did flow
But throughout it all we really did know
We were not on our own—the support always there
Kelly and Rachel—my God what a pair!

Improvements and changes, yes all can be made
But on solid foundations they will surely be laid
Mums in our hears and one day we’ll be healed
In our memories forever—our friend—BIRCHFIELD